I have stopped the NoDaddy pledge because GoDaddy has withdrawn their support for SOPA. I am very proud of and thankful to everyone who participated and supported the NoDaddy movement. The community's unity in this mission was critical to its success to battle SOPA.

You can read more about my post-pledge thoughts on NoDaddy on my blog.

The Ask

A reddit thread has sparked a boycott against GoDaddy. You can read more about it, but the gist of it is that GoDaddy has expressed support for SOPA, and the Internet isn't happy.

Getting the idea from a tweet by @thatdrew, I've made this site to make it easy for you to show your distaste for GoDaddy's position, and pledge to transfer your domains unless they withdraw their support of SOPA.

Tell Your Friends


GoDaddy will lose at least 658 customers and 15,306 domains if they continue to support SOPA.

Here are some NoDaddy pledgers:

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